Here’s Why Israelis Are Once Again Angry With Obama: ‘Absolutely Perplexing’

Israeli officials and media are voicing dismay and anger over yet another leak of sensitive military information by the Obama administration, with one veteran broadcaster asking if the White House is fine with Hezbollah obtaining advanced weaponry.

As TheBlaze reported on Thursday, an Obama administration official told the Associated Press that Israeli aircraft attacked a military site in the Syrian port city of Latakia early Thursday morning, targeting advanced Russian-made SA-125 missiles and other equipment the Israeli government believed would land in the hands of Hezbollah.

Anger in Israel over Obama Admin Leak about Who Was Behind Syria Airstrike
Anger in Israel over Obama Admin Leak about Who Was Behind Syria Airstrike

File photo of Israeli Air Force F-16s (Image source: Wikipedia public domain photo)

CNN and other American news outlets also quoted "an Obama administration official" revealing that Israel was behind the attack.

While the Israeli government is not commenting on the reports, Israeli media and officials are expressing annoyance at the repeated leaks about Israeli military activity by U.S. government officials.

"It is unclear why the US would leak such information, as it could increase the pressure on Syria to retaliate against Israel," the Jerusalem Post wrote.

Israel Army Radio devoted an extended segment to the issue on its Friday morning news program during which veteran broadcaster Micha Friedman asked if it's possible that while the Americans are saying "no" to Syrian chemical weapons, they are okay with weapons being transferred to Hezbollah.

Member of Knesset and retired Israeli Defense Forces General Amram Mitzna told Army Radio Friday morning, "There is something absolutely perplexing that I don't understand its meaning whereby American sources leak to the American press. The Americans know what's happening in the region and it's possible there's even strategic coordination [with Israel]. It sounds very, very jarring as there are strategic relations between Israel and the U.S. for years."

"I can tell you that the State of Israel has to maintain its strategic goals and regarding absolute and necessary security not to hesitate to act even when it's not pleasant for our friends in the West," Mitzna added.

Mitzna explained that Israel cannot afford to allow Syrian President Bashar Assad to transfer sophisticated weaponry like land-to-sea missiles to Hezbollah. Israeli defense officials are concerned that if Hezbollah obtains advanced weaponry that would change the strategic balance in the region, the Israel Defense Forces could face difficulty countering the radical Shi'ite group in the future.

This isn't the first time the Obama administration has been accused of leaking sensitive military information regarding Israel's reported operations in Syria. In July, Israeli officials were upset when unnamed Pentagon officials told the media that Israel was behind a missile attack again in Latakia that targeted Russian-made anti-ship missiles.

Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon reported over the summer that when Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter was in Israel, "The Israelis argued in private meetings and other exchanges that the disclosures could lead to Syrian counterattacks against Israel and should have been coordinated first with the Israeli government."

In May, Israel Radio reported that the Obama administration had apologized to Israel for leaking that Israel was responsible for airstrikes on Damascus Airport that month. According to Israel Radio, the administration blamed "low-level" officials for the unauthorized leak, as TheBlaze previously reported.

Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center, told TheBlaze at the time, "Can you imagine if things were reversed and somebody did that to the U.S.?"

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