Why eat ice cream after a break up?

Dzamira Dzafri

For most of us, it is instinct to reach for a tub of ice cream to comfort us in our sorrows, the major perpetrator of said sorrows being relationship troubles. Either that or you are watching a marathon of emotionally-volatile movies like "Sleepless In Seattle", "The Notebook", "Jerry Maguire" and "The Vow".

So what is the psychology behind it? We'll try to explain:

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When even Brad Pitt can't cheer you up.


When it comes to "eating our feelings", basically the instinctive rule is anything to do with carbohydrates, sugar and chocolate. But if we pick our ice cream to help soothe out hearts, there is a reason behind it all.

For one thing, it does make you feel better. Ice cream in, in fact, loaded with sugar, fat and salt. Stuff like sherbet and frozen yoghurt does not work as effectively, so it makes sense.

Sugar, fat and salt will make you feel 'happy' in a chemical sense, and there is even evidence that sugar will give you the same effect in your brain as cocaine!

With this information, while it may justify your reasons to eat more ice cream, there are still things that you will need to be aware.

You may have noticed it before but sadness and hunger are very easy to confuse. The sensations are similar, and sometimes we cannot distinguish our emotions with our need for ice cream. The worst part is this is also why some of us consume so much and still feel hungry.

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Even Robert Pattinson found comfort in ice cream with Jon Stewart after his breakup with Kristen Stewart.


There are ways to help you soften the pain without too much ice cream, and the tips to try out are to consume more grains, vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can still consume ice cream, but make sure to control your portion and concentrate on having more good nutrients in your body, as good food will also help your emotions and body in the long run.

Try to also express yourself more, like crying it out or talk to someone who you trust. This way, you can eat your ice cream AND maintain your weight!