Why Anne Hathaway is rooting for England at the World Cup

Ben Arnold
UK Movies Writer
Yahoo UK Movies News

Anne Hathaway will be rooting for England at the World Cup in Brazil, because she loves the way British men worship the beautiful game.

Talking to Yahoo UK Movies around the release of 'Rio 2', the 'Les Mis' star, who reprises her role of female macaw Jewel, added that the manner in which British men devote themselves to the sport is 'darling'.

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“I've made a lot of films in England, and I now have a lot of male British friends,” she told us.

“And the way British men love football is so darling, and sweet, and adorable.”

She's clearly never seen a Millwall match, then.

“People always talk about British guys being a little unemotional. But I've seen men weep over football, so I just think about how nuts your country is going to go if [maybe] it didn't win, but just got place in the semi-finals,” she added.

“I'm always pulling for England because I just want to see that explosion of joy, see that stiff upper lip meet that explosion.”

Gawd bless 'er.

Jamie Foxx, however, is less convinced on the merits of football.... or soccer, as it's not called.

“You know what I don't understand, there's got to be some type of way for me to get into it more. There's got to be more scoring,” he said.

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Rio 2 is out in the UK this Friday (April 4). Watch the trailer below.