Will the American Health Care Act Pass?

President Trump is looking to cross off another promise from his campaign agenda -- repeal and replace Obamacare.

However, the American Health Care Act put forth by House Republicans has left the party divided over whether the piece of legislation is an actual repeal of the Affordable Care Act or simply just what Senator Rand Paul called, “Obamacare Lite.”

During an interview with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) from the House Freedom Caucus said that while “slightly better than Obamacare,” the American Health Care Act still doesn’t accomplish the goal of bringing down costs.

“What we want to do is bring back affordable health insurance, that’s the most important thing,” said Jordan. “Understand where we’re at today – fewer choices, higher costs, high premiums, high deductibles for those working class families and middle class families who can afford the premiums, [and] can’t afford the deductible.”

In a nutshell the American Healthcare Act allows adolescents 26 and under to stay on their parent’s plan, preserves the expansion of Medicaid through 2020, eliminates nearly all taxes and subsidies from Obamacare, and gets rid of the mandate that requires individuals to have health insurance or be forced to pay a penalty

Jordan emphasized the importance of “getting rid of all the mandated regulation and mandated coverages that are in Obamacare” in order to promote “market principles like health savings accounts, easy formation of association of health plans, [and] interstate shopping for insurance.”

He also doesn’t believe the bill, which some conservatives have criticized for failing to deliver on their promises of a complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare has the votes to pass and be approved.

All I know is we had our House Dream Caucus meeting last night and there was strong opposition in that meeting. I don’t think there are the votes there for it now.”

However, he is optimistic about the democratic process and is hopeful of working together to create a product that will ultimately lower the cost of health care.

“Let’s have debates, let’s have amendments, let’s have discussions, let’s hash this out like we’re supposed to in front of the American people with full amendments so we can get to a much better product that I hope in the end will actually bring down the cost of insurance,” said Jordan.

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