Here Is Why Accelerate Mortgage Is One Of The Top Mortgage Companies To Work For, and Why You Should Join Their Team

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2020 / Veterans are an incredibly vulnerable population. After coming home from seeing combat, it can be difficult to adjust to the new circumstances surrounding your life as well as deal with some of the emotional trauma that comes with serving. In particular, veterans face a lot of homelessness problems. Accelerate is here to help veterans and others alike to be able to help with mortgage. By focusing on the clients above all else, they ensure that people get the help they need. They work with the Veteran Community and the Department of Veteran's Affairs to ensure our vets are taken care of.

"Accelerate Mortgage is an emerging mortgage lender that has quickly become a household name in the Veteran community. Though we mostly specialize in providing VA loans (mortgage loans specifically for Veterans and Active Duty Military), we are now expanding their reach to become a renowned force in the Government and Conventional loan sectors. Our experienced and innovative leadership team has built the organization around our core values of hard work, determination, and grit, which has helped us grow to funding over $100 Million in VA loan volume every month. Our client focused approach provides their customers with a more transparent and trustworthy approach that can be attested for by thousands of positive testimonials." The creators of Accelerate explain.

The company comes from a background of hard work. For Accelerate, their communication and transparency is incredibly important when it comes to their company culture. Particularly because they are partnering with some of the most important members of our society, they want to make sure that they are transparent in what they are doing. Many companies lack the trust and communication aspect that helps differentiate Accelerate. This is because many other companies are more concerned about the money than anything else, but at Accelerate, they want to make sure they are helping people.

"Our leadership team comes from a background of hard work, determination, and grit. And our team is rewarded for those same traits. We believe in a team environment, helping others, competition amongst ourselves, and having fun while doing it. Additionally, we feel that trust, communication, and transparency with our customers is vital to our success. And because we've put together a model that streamlines the loan process, our customers are appreciative of it and consistently write us positive reviews." The Creators comment.

In terms of their employees themselves, it is very important to the Accelerate team that they offer mobility to people on their team. They look for people who can grow from the experience and climb further in the business world. Other businesses look for people with experience, which can be a huge barrier to entry, but Accelerate specifically looks for those who do not have a lot of experience so that they can gain proper skills.

"We don't typically look for people that are experienced in the industry for our loan officer roles. Instead, we bring in seasoned sales professionals and teach them our process from the ground up. We also like to hire from within when new opportunities present themselves." The Creators state.

The hard work ethic that they provide at Accelerate is just one of the many things that separates them from their competitors. In addition, they are also leveraging technology in order to help make their company run more efficiently. They are also advocates for giving back to the community and consider themselves philanthropists as much as entrepreneurs.

"We innovate by leveraging technology to make a boring mortgage process faster, easier, and fun for our clients. We also give back to the community whenever possible." The Accelerate team says.


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