Forget Kale—Whole Foods Is Getting Into the Spa Business

Whole Foods, the natural foods supermarket that has brought organic produce and humanely raised meats to the suburban masses, is aiming to go one step further in promoting a healthy lifestyle. They're planning to open a Whole Foods health resort. 

The Austin-based chain is eyeing a few hometown locations for their first foray into the world of spa, according to USA Today. The idea is that guests could check in for an afternoon, a weekend, or a week of classes and seminars on healthy living. 

"We have the perfect vehicle for this," Whole Foods cofounder John Mackey told the paper. 

Whole Foods stores already feature prominent displays educating consumers about everything from the nutritional value of popular produce to the different ways in which their meat and poultry were raised. 

Look for the new Whole Foods health spa to open sometime in the next three years, according to Mackey. 



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