Who was the left shark that captivated the world during Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show?

Who was the left shark that captivated the world during Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show?

Katy Perry's eye-popping performance during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show had a little bit of everything: a giant mechanical lion, Lenny Kravitz, a shooting star, pyrotechnics, and two dancing sharks.

But just one shark — specifically, the left one — captivated millions of viewers Sunday night.

“Left Shark failed out of choreography school,” Rodger Sherman (no relation to Richard) wrote on SBNation.com. “Left Shark only got this gig after threatening to bite the person in charge of casting.”

Indeed, the shark to Perry's right appeared to be a bit flummoxed while flapping its fins to Perry's "Teenage Dream," one of six songs the pop star performed during her 12-minute medley.

So just who were the halftime sharks?

An Instagram account was created by an anonymous user claiming to be "the original shark," though there's no indication which one.

But a deeper investigation by the Internet revealed, well, more questions than answers.

According to the website Uproxx.com, one of the purported sharks, a fellow by the name of Garret, "used his high-profile gig as a pick-up line on Tinder."


(Tinder/Screengrab via Reddit)
(Tinder/Screengrab via Reddit)


Scott Myrick, a Los Angeles dancer, responded to an online thread on Reddit.com claiming to be the shark to Perry's left.

"HELLOOOO EVERYONE!!! Yes I was the shark!!!!!!" Myrick wrote. "The visibility was... Terrible. I ran into a palm tree but the camera missed it." According to Us Weekly, Myrick is part of the reason for Perry's feud with Taylor Swift.

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Entertainment Tonight quickly dug up photos of Myrick, declaring him "super hot."

"Who knew those six-pack abs were hiding under that shark costume on Super Bowl Sunday?" ETOnline.com said.

The Washington Post — yes, that Washington Post — reports that another Twitter user, Bryan Gaw, confessed that he, in fact, was the left shark.

Meanwhile, a person claiming to be one of the palm trees responded to a different Reddit thread to explain the backstory.

"The sharks were originally supposed to be dancers from Mesa Community College," the user wrote. "But 2-3 days before the performance Katy decided she wanted her own people in costume. ... The worst part is the MCC dancers had been practicing it for much longer and definitely knew it better at least in my opinion."

So where does all this leave us? Brian Hickey perhaps said it best: