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The widow of Alexander Litvinenko, the exiled former Russian agent who died from a mysterious case of radiation poisoning, is calling on Londoners to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Olympics.

Litvinenko issued a statement shortly before his 2006 death, accusing Putin of ordering him to be poisoned. He had been living in London since fleeing Russia in 2000. In a book written in exile, he accused Russia's main security agency, for which he once worked, of staging the 1999 apartment building bombings that were blamed on Chechen rebels and used as a justification for starting the second Chechen war.

British-Russian relations suffered a serious setback in 2007 after Russia refused to extradite the man that Britain named as the main suspect in Litvinenko's death.

Marina Litvinenko on Friday issued a statement saying "Mr. Putin's agents killed my husband" and called on Londoners wo wear white ribbons, the emblem of the Russian opposition, to proest Putin's visit Aug. 2 that is to include watching the judo.

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