White House hawk captivates correspondents


The hawk. (Photo: Olivier Knox/Yahoo News)

No, it’s not Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

An actual hawk has been circling the White House this week, captivating correspondents like Yahoo News’ Olivier Knox, who spotted the bird Monday.

On Tuesday, the hawk was back, perched on a cornice on the northwest corner of the residence building.

Some White House reporters captured the hawk being dive-bombed by smaller birds that were presumably perturbed to have a predator near their nests.

It’s not the first time the White House grounds have been infiltrated by uninvited animals. In 2009, a pack of raccoons was spotted roaming the 18-acre President’s Park. (The Secret Service enlisted the National Park Service to trap the varmints.)

In 2013, a fox was reportedly living within the White House gates. And, thanks in part to the government shutdown, no one could catch it.

For the hawk’s sake, let’s hope its fate is different from that of the snowy owl that captivated Washington, D.C., last year before being hit by a Metrobus. The owl, however, did survive.