White House condemns latest Russian missile attack on Ukraine

John Kirby. Photo: Getty images
John Kirby. Photo: Getty images

The White House has condemned the latest Russian missile attack on Ukraine, emphasising that the Kremlin leader is trying to seize every day to harm peaceful Ukrainians.

Source: Ukrinform citing John Kirby, White House National Security Communications Advisor

Quote: "They demonstrate once again how vital it is that we continue to provide Ukraine with air defence systems and capabilities, interceptor missiles — the tools that they need to protect themselves and their infrastructure."

Details: Kirby noted that Putin "is not sitting on his hands" waiting while Ukraine remains without defence assistance.

Quote: "He’s making lethal use of every single minute available to him while our own Congress refuses to act. He’s not wavering, neither should we."

Details: In this context, Kirby once again urged the House of Representatives to quickly pass a bill with additional funding for national security needs to provide Ukraine with vital weaponry.

"And as we’ve seen in just the last couple of days, every single day the House delays is another day that the Ukrainians have to pay for it with their own blood," he emphasised.


  • On the night of 21-22 March 2024, Russian troops launched a combined missile and drone strike against Ukraine's critical infrastructure using a total of 151 aerial weapons. Ukrainian air defence units managed to destroy 92 Russian aerial targets.

  • In particular, three people were killed as a result of the strike on Zaporizhzhia, including a girl, 8, and a man, 35, – daughter and father – as well as a trolleybus driver, 62, who was travelling along the Dnipro hydroelectric power plant dam. The vehicle was carrying no passengers.

  • The Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant in the city of Zaporizhzhia was hit by missiles eight times.

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