Where is Tammy Williams, main suspect in Unsolved Mysteries' David Carter case, now?

where is tammy williams from unsolved mysteries now
Where is main suspect in David Carter case now? Netflix

TW: Contains mentions of murder and graphic details

Unsolved Mysteries is back on Netflix for a third season with episode three "Body In Bags" covering the murder of David Carter.

David was a 39-year-old father and factory worker who was reported missing in late September 2018. David was later found dead and dismembered. Unsolved Mysteries looks deep into his case to try and uncover what happened to David and who murdered him.

His girlfriend at the time of his murder, Tamera 'Tammy' Williams, was brought in for questioning on 5th October 2018 but was released from custody as there wasn't enough evidence to hold her. Ever since she was released Tammy has been on the run and is still wanted by US Department of Justice.

So what happened to David Carter? And where is Tammy Williams now? This is everything you need to know.

What happened to David Carter?

where is tammy williams from unsolved mysteries now

David Carter was a 39-year-old factory worker, and father to teenage son DJ. David had a good relationship with his son's mother Samia Conner and he was working on his own clothing line before his death.

He had been dating Tammy Williams, who he had known since high school, for six months before his death. Tammy worked at a medical centre and as a travel agent.

On 28th September 2018 David and Tammy attended DJ's football game but didn't appear to be getting on well. In Unsolved Mysteries Samia Conner said: "David and Tammy came to the game together, but weren't together at the game."

Two days later DJ was meant to be seeing his father but his mother received a text from David saying he was ill and DJ shouldn't come over. DJ still went over and saw Williams bringing out the rubbish.

Williams allegedly told DJ David had gone out for a walk and he claimed Williams ran into the apartment and locked the door.

where is tammy williams from unsolved mysteries now

On 2nd October David's colleagues told his family he hadn't turned up for work in the past three days. His family then visited his apartment which was unlocked. They found a large blood stain underneath the bed and on top of the mattress in his bedroom, there was a gunshot hole which had punctured the mattress.

David's sister called Tammy and asked where David was. Williams reportedly said she had no clue where he was.

The next day the police called David's father Elton about a discovery they had found in Ohio the day before. A mowing crew had come across a "weird-looking sleeping bag" along one of the roads and it was soon identified to be the lower torso of an adult man.

The only identifying feature on the body was a tattoo of a pit bull on the upper left leg. Elton revealed his son had that tattoo and the police opened a homicide case.

Where is Tammy Williams now?

Following the discovery of David's body, Tammy Williams was brought into questioning on 5th October over his death mainly due to the behaviour DJ had seen her exhibit and her lack of concern over her boyfriend's whereabouts.

However, due to a lack of evidence the police had to let her go. Days later a duffel bag containing David's head was discovered which allowed coroner Diane Scala-Burnett, who speaks in Unsolved Mysteries, to determine David had died by a single gunshot below his left ear.

Williams remained a person of interest following her release and fled Detroit soon after her release. She was last seen leaving the Neptune Hotel in New York on 18th October 2018.

The US Department of Justice is still looking for Williams and is offering a reward of $10,000 for information about her.

Speaking in September 2021 the Supervisory Deputy US Marshal Aaron Garcia told Fox2: "We are going to find you. We have been investigating this case for three years and we've had very little cooperation at this point. People know where she's at, they know her location, know how to get in touch with her. They haven't come forward yet."

During Unsolved Mysteries Andrew Battersby from the US Marshals Task Force revealed Battersby said Williams' one identifying feature is a large rose tattoo on her left shoulder.

He confirmed Williams has been accused of homicide, dismemberment, tampering with evidence and felony firearm.

Unsolved Mysteries season three is available to watch on Netflix now.

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