Where Is Reginald Denny? Trucker Who Became Key Figure in L.A. Riots Nowhere to Be Found

Twenty-five years after Reginald Denny was dragged out of his big rig and viciously beaten on live TV during the L.A. riots, the former trucker apparently wants nothing to do with the anniversary of the violence.

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Following the riots, Denny moved hundreds of miles away from Los Angeles to Lake Havasu, Ariz., where he worked as a boat mechanic.

He has since moved out of the in Lake Havasu. His whereabouts today are unknown.

John Ridley, director of Let It Fall, a forthcoming ABC special about the riots, says Denny wants nothing to do with the 25th anniversary.

“We tried to reach out to reach out to talk to him. We made some initial contacts. What we heard back is that he has become a very private person,” the director told Inside Edition.

The riots lasted six days, left 55 dead and more than 2,000 injured. The days of chaos left lasting scars.

“If we don't value other individuals — if we cannot see ourselves in their experiences — unfortunately, we can expect more of the same,” Ridley said.

Denny miraculously survived the horrific beating after he was pulled from the big rig and spoke to Inside Edition three months after the incident.

“There was a sharp crashing sound," he told Inside Edition at the time. "Instantly, your heart skips a beat, or my heart did. Gosh, you know someone's really mad and that's the end of that. I don't recall anything after that."

He returned to the same intersection where he was beaten on the 10th anniversary and was still clearly traumatized.

“I will probably cry later when it all sinks in, but right now I’m just nervous,” he said.

The days and nights of terror are being re-told in several other TV documentaries.

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The Lost Tapes, airing on the Smithsonian Channel Sunday, includes never-before-seen images of the riots.

Nat Geo's L.A. ‘92 investigates moment-by-moment how the city was torn apart, after four cops were acquitted in the vicious beating of Rodney King.

A&E's L.A. Burning brings some of the key players in the riots back to the places where the drama unfolded.

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