What to Do When Your Flaws Are All You Can Focus on


You are so much more than what you look like! (Photo: Getty Images)

Not only does Cassey Ho run a top-rated fitness blog, Blogilates, but she has over 2 million followers on her fitness YouTube channel and is a fashion designer, No. 2-ranked fitness influencer online, and an incredibly smart and service-oriented woman.

She also had a super-intense upbringing (playing tennis, going to college to be a doctor, not being able to date) — but she bravely chose to follow her passion for fitness instead.

In my conversation with Cassey, we cover the nuts and bolts of building a strong YouTube channel, how to deal with haters, and her plans for the future. But something that stuck with me was her approach to dealing with negative body image.

Cassey is a huge proponent of loving yourself every step of the way in your journey to a healthier you.

When you look in the mirror and all you can see is your flaws, try this:

  1. Step back: Remind yourself of all the great things you’ve accomplished and what you love about yourself.

  2. Ask yourself: What are my talents? What am I good at? What makes me me?

  3. Remember: You are not defined by the size of your hips or whether or not you have a six-pack. You have to keep reminding yourself of that because you are so much more than your body and what you look like.

Even Cassey admits to struggling with body image if she lets the hater comments on her videos get to her. That’s why she recommends the perspective check (daily) on where your worth is centered.

What would happen in your day-to-day life if you practiced loving yourself as you are instead of judging yourself for your flaws?

Listen to my full conversation with Cassey below:

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