What do Russian-Americans think of President Trump?

By Sarah B. Boxer

Brighton Beach, N.Y., home to one of the largest Russian-American communities, is known as “Little Russia.” What do local residents think of President Trump and his alleged ties to Vladimir Putin?

At Gourmanoff, a bustling market along Brighton Beach’s main drag, Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga finds a mixed (grocery) bag.

“We love him,” says Kzenia. “Because my parents are still in Russia, and we do think that he’s going to be better for the U.S.”

“He obviously hasn’t delivered on anything he’s promised so far, everything has been more of a show than actual governing,” Michael tells Golodryga.

And Russian president Vladimir Putin?

“He’s very smart,” says Lina. “He’s doing what he’s supposed to do.”

What about accusations that Putin has murdered journalists and stifled democracy?

Golodryga asks Alan, a lawyer. “I can only quote our president, who had an interview with Fox News, and when he was asked about Putin, he said that we are not so innocent either,” he responds.

“What do you think about U.S.-Russian relations and the fact that they’re strained now?” Golodryga asks. “It will get better, because the United States and Russia are neighbors,” Alan responds, citing Russia’s proximity to Alaska. “Since we are neighbors, it’s destiny, and you can’t change destiny.”