Weymouth High graduates called the 'community's most valuable asset'

WEYMOUTH – The 417 members of Weymouth High School's Class of 2022 received a standing ovation as they took a lap around the track, waving and smiling to their loved ones, before settling in for their graduation ceremony Saturday, June 4.

Class President John McDonough reminisced about  the class's time in the high school – entering as wide-eyed freshmen, completing classes from their homes and keeping tradition alive during their final year.

"One thing we have learned here at Weymouth is that all these friendships matter," McDonough said.

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McDonough and Devyn Krall, vice president of the Class of 2022, performed the symbolic transfer of the flags with Class of 2023 President Aleksander Nowicki and Vice President Meghan Connolly.

Ava Biagini hugs Class of 2022 Dean Karen Bonner at Weymouth High graduation on the high school football field on Saturday, June 4, 2022.
Ava Biagini hugs Class of 2022 Dean Karen Bonner at Weymouth High graduation on the high school football field on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Salutatorian Stacy Donggalao categorized the graduating class as "resilient and perseverant." She recognized the lives lost during the pandemic as well as the anxiety and depression faced by many. She said like the NASA Mars rover Perseverance, launched in March 2020, the class will now go on to explore.

"During times of difficulty, turn to what gives you strength," Donggalao said. "Remember that you've done it before and you could do it again."

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Valedictorian Annelise Rogers reminded students that time keeps moving. She said as they venture to their next chapter, they will gain control of their schedules and opportunities.

Members of Weymouth High's Class of 2022 celebrate their graduation Saturday, June 4, 2022.
Members of Weymouth High's Class of 2022 celebrate their graduation Saturday, June 4, 2022.

"There are endless possibilities of what may come for each of us these few years," Rogers said. "Embrace this with a sense of humility, appreciating all you have done to be here today and take advantage of every single opportunity that is presented to you."

Superintendent Robert Wargo's message was simple: "All we really want for you is to be happy," he said. He urged students to celebrate today and approach the weight of the future tomorrow.

Connor McHugh celebrates after receiving his diploma at 
Weymouth High School's graduation ceremony at the high school football field Saturday, June 4, 2022.
Connor McHugh celebrates after receiving his diploma at Weymouth High School's graduation ceremony at the high school football field Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Wargo said the Class of 2022 is the "community's most valuable asset." He said he hopes they continue the community's desire for a better future.

Principal Alan Strauss shared parting words with the students as he too concludes his time at Weymouth High. He harkened back to the story of the Grinch, telling students to block out the "noise," fulfill their dreams and hold themselves to a high standard.

"Live your life as the Whos did and don't care about the haters, as your dreams are too important," Strauss said.

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Songs were performed by the Weymouth High chorus and band throughout the ceremony.  Before awarding the diplomas, Strauss honored the memory of Tanner Barbara, Dante Elbehiry and Nathan Paul.

Weymouth High School Class of 2022 graduates

Natinaeal Abebe, Hannah Abrantes, Edson Acosta, Jaclynn Ahl, Braden Aieta, Joseph Alberino, Jonathan Alicea, Batoul Alshimrty, Manad Amanzou, Bryan Amorim, Thomas Archibald, Olivia Ash, Stacey Auguste, Falone Augustin, James Austin III, Olivia Austrino, Paula Avila Anaya, Meghan Avila, Stephen Azar, Amanda Barchey, Shayna Barrett, Kelcie Barrows, Evan Barruzza, Henry Bates, Owen Bates, Christopher Bell, Jayda Bell, Gabriel Bernardes-Louis, Aaron Berry, Makenzie Berry, Ava Biagini, James Biondi, Molly Bisbee, Isabel Brawley, Brianna Broadbent, Olivine Brown, Devin Brundage, Sofia Buccheri, Nathan Burnside, Dallas Burnes, Delia Butler.

Matthew Cabassa, Olivia Caldwell, Emily Campbell, Christopher Canwell, Giovanni Cardoso, Sara Cardoso, Devin Carey, Ryan Carita-Daly, Colin Carter, Brennan Cassidy, Samantha Cassidy, Alexander Caswell, Michael Cathcart Jr., Abigail Ceurvels, Peter Chahine, Annalise Ciccolo, Christopher Clara, Ethan Clark, Miranda Clark, Cole Clawson, Thomas Coldwell, Timothy Cole, Marianna Collins, Angelina Colon, Brandon Comeau, Andrew Comoletti, Nathan Condon, Sophia Connor, Lily Conrad-Hill, Emily Conway, Carly Cooper, Mick Coote, Sydney Corcoran, Julia Costa, Ellen Coven, Elise Coveney, Brian Cox, Mary Jane Crawford, Daniel Cromp, Aidan Cronin, Peter Cullivan, James Curry.

Andrea Daley, Connor Daley, Gianna daRosa, Mason Daru, Karolaynne DaSilva Moreira, Cyndi DeJesus, Zoe Delcourt, Sean DeLeire, Brenda DeOliveira, Alexander Desir, Libby Devin, Michael Devine, Sean Devine, Lindsey Diamond, Peter Diorio, Jason Dipersio, Joseph Dodd, Kaitlyn Dodd, John Donahue, Luke Donahue, Margaret Doncaster, Stacy Donggalao, Gillian Donovan, Jack Doogue, Emma Doran, Christopher Doucette, Daniel Dow, Grace Downing, Brian Doyle, Patrick Doyle, Atiba Drayton, Abigail Driscoll, Ashley Driscoll, Andrew Duane, Emer Duffy, Denise Dulay, Arthur Dunkerley, Elaina Dunn, Molly Duran, Ariana Duseau, Marc Eaton, John Eddy, Elio El-Hachem, Braidy Elwood, Siobhan Etienne.

Anthony Fama, Philip Fantasia, Luke Farrar, Love Fernandes, Sole Fields, Charlotte Flaherty, James Flaherty, Daniel Flanagan, Justin Fleming, Vanessa Fossi, Jaiden Frasca, Gavin Freeman, Jacob Freeman, Jared Fuller, Ryan Gaffey, Matthew Gallery, Joseph Gannon, Angel Garcia Guzman, Rashad Gembri, Cameron Giblin, Alison Glavin, Kenneth Glavin, Miguel Gonzalez-Dumont, Riley Grable, James Grady, Anthony Greco Jr., Joseph Greene, Michael Guerrero Sagastume.

Shane Hackett, Julianne Halloran, Liam Halpin, Aidan Hans, Mason Harding, John Hardy, Brianna Hartnett, Hannah Hartshorn, Beth Harvey, Dale Harvey, Ali Hassen, Amelia Hayes, Emily Henderson, Rae'zean Henderson, Ryan Hickey, Alexandra Hill, Kylie Hoang, Richard Hogan Jr., Sarah Hollowed, Ryan Hopkins, Dominic Howsberger, Madalena Hulme, Nicholas Intravaia, Elliot Johnson, Grace Kapetanakos, Jason Keene, Wyatt Kelley, Madison Kelly, Aidan Kennedy, Ryan Kennedy, Chelsea Kerr, Laurynn Kerr, James Keyes, Janaan Khan, Toby Khuu, Sarah Klier, Daniel Kowalski, Devyn Krall, Nicholas Kuja, Akiko Kushida, Zachary Ladue, Dylan Laewe, Sean Lally, Damali Lameck, Zoe Lawrence, Jason Le, Gabriella Lee, Aiden Lentz, Alexis Leonard, Timson Li, Ryan Lindblom, Jason Little Jr., Rebecca Long, Sarah Looney, Sarah Lopes, Marc Louissaint, Emma Lydon, Jenna Lydon, Maggie Lynch.

James Mackin, Paul Mackintire, Kayley Madeira, Andri Mahegan, Caleb Mahomes, Shannon Mahoney, Hannah Maling, Isabella Mango, Catherin  Manning, Samyra Marcelino, Mallory Marino, Emily Martignetti, Erin Martin, Emma Mayes, Marisa Mazzella, Marina McAlpine, Hailey McArthur, John McAuliffe, Paul McCafferty, Cameron McCann, Casey McCarthy, Tyler McCue, Emmalyn McDonald, Luke Mcdonald, John McDonough, Caitlin McGarry, Emmett McGlone, Brendan McGrath, Russell McGrath, Connor McHugh, Tyler McInerney, Camryn McLelland, Ty-Shawn McNeil, David McNulty, John McQueen IV, Dyala Merhej, Malak Hanna Labib  Metias, Emily Micciche, Delaney Miller, Jonah Mincey, Amanda Mocanu, Derek Moloney, Matthew Montgomery, Colin Moody, Victoria Morais, Djamie Morcy, Conor Morgan, Sophia Moseley, Thomas Motherwell, Michael Mulcahy, Macy Mulkern, Michaela Mullarkey, Arbriel Murphy, Nicholas Muscolino.

Marshall Naegelin, Jenny Nana Djomo, Ryan Nardo, Erin Nee, Max Nee, Sara Nee, Thomas Neruda, Allison Neumeyer, Sophia Neville, Ethan Nguyen, Ricky Nguyen, Tao Nguyen, Emily Nicholas, Reece Norris, Madison Nowinski, William O'Brien, Natalya O'Callaghan, Isabel O'Connell, Mairead O'Connell, Arianna O'Connor, Keegan O'Connor, Kyle O'Connor, Tess O'Connor, Terrence O'Day, Devin O'Gara, Ben O'Mahony, Jasper Chun-Ho On, Jack O'Rourke, Kasey Owerka, Max Pacheco, Kristene Painten, Kelsey Parcel, Michaelle Paul, Laura Penney, Evan Perry, Casey Peterson, Scarlett Peterson, Riley Phillips, Cole Piccerelli, Morgan Piccerelli, Sean Pike, David Pittman Jr., Juliana Pizzelli, Ella Portolese, Tori Prioli, Gianna Pulinario, Merquis Pulinario, Aisling Purcell, Hannah Quam, Thomas Quigley, Conor Quinlan.

Rachel Rafferty, Robson Ramos, Kayleigh Raymond, Mackenzie Raymond, Tara Redburn, Liam Reichardt, Nicholas Resca, Mark Ricci, Jacqueline Richardson, Jaheem Ridore, Michael Ritz, Shea Roche, Shawn Rodriguez Jr., Hannah Rodriguez, Annelise Rogers, Andrew Roman, Sean Roman, Alexis Rouse, Alexandria Rubini-Parker, Dominic Ruggiero, Jocelyn Rummell, Ava Ryan, Emma Ryan, Nathan Saccone, Francesse Saint-Lucien, Matthew Sansone, Felipe Santos, Bianca Sartorio, Olivia Scalisi, Kylie Sciarappa, Emma Seppala, Luke Seto, Kyle Settle, Astara Shubert, Rayah  Sibunga, Diogo Silva, Joseph Silvestro III, Grace Smith, Matthew Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Caio Soares, Mary Souza, Katreena Stanley, Meghan Stanton, Anthony Steele, Abigail Stiles, Savannah Striano, Shane Stukenborg, Yara Succar, Joseph Suhovich, Daniel  Sullivan, Peyton Sullivan, Sara  Sullivan, Ali Sutton, James Swift, Reece Sylvia.

Nassime Talal, Omar Talal, Jacqueline Tanashian, Jillian Tantillo, Amaya Tashjian, Evan Terrio, Ryan Thai, Andrew Thomas, Matthew Thomas, Jonathan Tilden, Itati Toledo, Chase Toomey, Morgan Tosi, Christopher Tran, Lianne Tran, Sophia Vallee, Angela Venturo, Isabela Vieira, Karina Villafane, Sophia Vo, Eowyn Vucci, Truman Walker, Aidan Walsh, Shayne Walty, Lauren Webber, Kaleigh West, Maximo Wharton, Patrick White Jr., Ashlei White, Ashlee Willett, Kasey Wilson, Marley Wilson, Allison Wilt, Ethan Wong, Jaden Wong, Kerry Wong, Alexander Wood, Elaina Young, ChenXi  Zeng, Terri Zeng, John Zuffante.

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