‘We were lied to;’ Family of teen injured by Springfield police cruiser wants answers

The family of a 16-year-old who was in a crash Monday and flown to the hospital is speaking out.

Today his mother told News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott that Springfield police lied about how her son was injured.

A spokesperson for the Ohio State Highway Patrol previously said the accident involving the teen occurred during a second crash stemming from a pursuit.

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Tyron Moore’s family said they only know that he was hit by a Springfield police cruiser from seeing News Center 7′s report. They say police told them something entirely different.

Heather Hall, Moore’s mother, said police found her son laying down in the car unresponsive.

“They never told me that he had got out running,” she said.

On Thursday, OSP confirmed they were investigating what happened after the initial police chase.

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OSP said Moore ran from police, tried climbing a fence, and then landed on the hood of a police cruiser that struck the fence.

“I was upset because the detective lied to me,” Hall said. “Why would you lie? He’s only a child.”

His grandmother is also upset.

“I was angry I was crying to find out that we were lied to,” said Julia Smallwood.

They said they were also told the wrong hospital and given no updates on the minor’s condition until the next day.

“I was speechless. They said when he came in his skull was exposed from the cut on his head,” Hall said.

His mother says she still hasn’t been told everything about the injury, just that Moore was stitched up and transported to juvenile detention.

“[They] should have kept him in the hospital a little longer just to check on him if he’s not able to see out of his right eye,” she said.

While they question what happened to the teen, both agree Moore’s actions that day were wrong.

“I know my son did terrible things, but I just feel like they didn’t need to lie,” Hall said. “I already knew he was in trouble.”

“I apologize to the families that they’ve done this to but it’s also upsetting to me, because that’s my grandson,” Smallwood said.

They also say police should be forthcoming given that Moore is their family and is only 16-years-old.

“It’s been hell, I don’t know what to do,” Hall said. “ I just want them to tell the truth.”

News Center 7 has reached out to Springfield police for a response to the family’s claims but was referred to a city spokesperson, who has not yet provided an official statement or comment.