Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday - Khloe Kardashian Odom Fights Cellulite!

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Khloe Kardashian -- Nivea

"Yes, I have cellulite - that's no secret," the reality star boldly declares.

Let's face it - most women do have these pesky lumps and bumps. Unfortunately there is no miracle solution (I've tried them all) - but smoother-looking skin is possible.

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On her quest to combat cellulite, Khloe has teamed up with NIVEA for their 2011 "Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge." It is a four-week program that combines fitness, nutrition, style and skincare with NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite products.

"I saw the great results my sister Kim achieved when she took the 4-week Challenge a few years ago, so I'm choosing to do something to increase my confidence and make my skin look smoother," states Khloe.

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As part of America's most famous sister-trio, Khloe is no stranger to body slams by the press. "My weight is always going up and down, I'm always fighting that and I feel like no matter what I do, I never look good enough to everybody else," Kardashian Odom shared on her personal blog.

Khloe, 26, is ready to fight cellulite not only with the NIVEA challenge, but also an overall healthier living plan. "I'm really trying to up my intake of lean proteins like egg whites, grilled chicken and salmon, plus lots of fruits and vegetables. I try not to eat too much starch, and I avoid pasta. I haven't had pork or red meat in 14 years so that helps too," revealed Khloe to Healthy Hollywood.

"I try to work out every day, even when I'm on the go," Khloe also reveals of her get-fit-now plan. "Gymnastics, boxing, name it! Boxing is my favorite because it helps me relieve stress! If I'm in town, I'll go on a hike with my sisters." Plus, she likes the company of others to keep her motivated, adding, "I'm not good at going on the treadmill by myself. You need someone to push you when you go the gym, so if that means you need to bring a friend to help you make your bikini goals, then go for it!"

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If you want to track Khloe's progress or sign up for the NIVEA Challenge yourself, head to

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