Wellness Wednesday - 'Big Love's' Ginnifer Goodwin Is Big On Health!

Ginnifer Goodwin on the cover of Health magazine's Jan./Feb. 2011 issue -- Health Magazine

"Big Love's" Ginnifer Goodwin is chock-full of good living advice.

The Memphis-born actress states simply in January/February's Health magazine, "Healthy is beautiful," adding, "Because what comes with health is a clear mind and a high spirit."

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Despite a busy schedule, Ginnifer, 32, makes self-care a top priority. She's naturally curvy, but also reveals in Health magazine that she's careful not to over-indulge. She's a longtime member of Weight Watchers, which helps keep her weight on track so she can "button my pants."

Ginnifer is also careful to not let a few extra pounds shatter her self-worth, adding, "Even when I'm too heavy, I'm still confident because I never actually let myself go. I can be indulgent for six months and put on some weight, but I still never actually get to the point of being unhappy and self-destructive."

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The longtime vegan also reveals to Health her go-to snack, which is instant oatmeal mixed with P& J. "Make some instant oatmeal, and put a tiny spoonful of peanut butter and a tiny spoonful of jelly in it, and mush it all up. It is like a mushy peanut butter-and-jelly. It's genius. And it's very satisfying."

For more on Ginnifer's lifestyle and fitness tips, check out the January/February issue of Health magazine or go www.health.com.

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