Wellness tips from psychologists during lockdown

"I think it's really important that we talk about our feelings right now, that we know that this too shall pass, that we relax, that we do things that we enjoy right now. Exercise, meditate, eat healthy, sleep and stay hydrated. These are things that we can control," Dr. Lori Whatley said in a Zoom call from Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday (April 22).

"If you are sleep depriving yourself, you've weakened your immune system," said Dr. Kevin Gilliland in a Zoom call from Dallas, Texas on Thursday (April 23).

To manage anxiety, doctors recommend limiting news intake to once or twice a day, to stay abreast of health experts' recommendations while avoiding over-exposure that can trigger panic. They suggest watching comforting movies, video-chatting with family, and going outside as long as it does not conflict with health experts' guidance. They also recommend acknowledging anxious thoughts, rather than repressing them - but then moving on quickly.