Well-known hacker says Windows 9 will be released to PC makers in October

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It’s not exactly a secret that Windows 8 hasn’t been a success by any measure. Microsoft and its PC vendor partners were hoping the refreshed Windows platform would help bolster slowing PC shipments. Instead, the new OS sped the PC market’s descent as consumers balked at Microsoft’s new tile-based interface. Windows 8.1 doesn’t appear to be helping matters at all, so it looks like the upcoming platform refresh that will take place alongside the release of Windows 9 will be Microsoft’s next big attempt to reverse PC makers’ fortunes, and its own. A recent claim from a reliable reporter suggested that Windows 9 will be released in April next year, but a new report from another reliable source states that the new operating system will come much earlier than that.

“WZor” is a well-known hacker believed to have sources inside Microsoft, and he has shared details about Microsoft’s plans in the past that have indeed been accurate. Following the report that Microsoft intends to launch Windows 9 in April, the hacker took to Twitter to claim that the stated timeframe is way off.

“Win 9 released in April 2015? No! No! No!” WZor wrote in a tweet picked up by Windows Phone Central. Instead, he says that the Windows 9 RTM build, which is a final software version released early to PC manufacturers so they can install it on their new PCs and get ready to ship them, will be issued in October. This would indicate a public release soon after, which would be well ahead of the April 2015 date that had been previously reported.

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