Weirdest Apartment Ever? These Guys Will Live Inside a Wind Turbine

It’s 8:00 a.m. on a Monday. After some much-needed weekend R&R on land, it’s time to board the dinghy back to the office. On the choppy ride over, one of your coworkers is blown by a wind turbine’s gust out of the boat and into the sea. All riders aboard exchange glances and shrug, barely perturbed by the familiar phenomenon.

The year is 2050, and your office building resides inside a wind turbine at sea.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the Bulgarian architecture studio Morphocode has devised a conceptual design dubbed the “Wind Turbine Loft,” which would place livable housing in the wind powerhouses of the future.

The initial designs would serve to house the wind turbines’ technical workers for the workweek, but it isn’t too far of a jump to imagine laymens’ residential housing, followed by commercial and business real estate acquisitions.

The new wind turbines of 2015 and beyond are roughly three times the size of a 747 passenger airplane, according to Morphocode, and they require constant oversight by onsite maintenance crews. Enter the loft design.

And you can bet these monster turbines will be in high demand. The European Commission estimates that offshore wind energy use in Europe will increase 100 times its present supply by 2030. The turbine lofts allow companies to expand into deeper waters, allowing wind energy’s influence to swell.

This revolutionary concept lays down a modern Atlantis that, somewhere not so far down the road, could be the next destination for gung-ho sustainable-livers everywhere.

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