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The 9 best images, videos, and memes to emerge from the great digital playground — from the Game of Thrones cast mumbling the show's theme song to Vice's Lil Bub teaser

1. Street performer punches heckler in the face
This week in catharsis: A street performer gently lets an annoying heckler know there's a human under there, all without saying a word. (Via Laughing Squid)

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2. Hypnotic music squares
Okay, so this magnetic time-suck has been around for awhile now. But when our in-house social media pro Jess Hullinger G-chatted it to me, it was like finding a message in a bottle. Have at it. (Link)

3. Vice is making a Lil Bub documentary 
The internet's best living creature (sorry, Boo) is getting her own movie. Grumpy Cat's in it, too!

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4. Henry Blodget finds a newspaper
Business Insider boss and recently enchanted airplane-fan Henry Blodget came across a peculiar thing outside his hotel door. It had words, photos, and headlines — just like his beloved iPad. This, however, was somehow different. An artifact from a lost time. Some believe it to be called...a newspaper. (Via Business Insider)

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5. Great latte foam art (Via Imgur)

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6. The Game of Thrones cast attempts to sing the show's wordless theme song 
Arya Stark wins again. She's so talented, that one. (Via MTV)

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7. Twitter's 7th anniversary video set to the Inception theme
Feels a little different from the original. I can't quite put my finger on it. Hmmm. (Via BuzzFeed)

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8. A really good Girls GIF 
Raise your hand if you think Shoshanna needs her own spin-off show. (Via Twitter)

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9. Cat of the Week
Say what's up to Brit from Rhode Island. Like many of us, she's had a long week and could use a nap. (Thanks, Justin!)

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