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The 10 best images, videos, and memes to emerge from the great digital playground — from a surfing pig to a college student's amazing duet with Billy Joel

1. Here is a baby pig surfing
…and this little piggy went "wee wee wee!" as he caught some totally sick waves, brah. (Via The Awl)

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2. JGL working out
Handsome man-child Joseph Gordon-Levitt inspired a new internet meme (of sorts) when he was caught hitting the weights. Two 45s? What can't he do! (Via EOnline)

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3. Baby lion and dog = BFFs
Honey (the dog) and Kwanza (the lion) purport to be best friends at Australia's Darling Downs Zoo. The video description says it all. (Via BuzzFeed)

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4. Sorry, Brandon Knight
The L.A. Clippers' DeAndre Jordan delivered a filthy dunk on Detroit's Brandon Knight, inspiring more than a few great fan Photoshops. This mashup of the dunk and WWE announcer Jim Ross is pitch-perfect. (Via Deadspin)

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5. Seals yelling like humans
Stay tuned next week for the inevitable "humans yelling like seals that yell like goats that yell like humans."

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6. College student plays piano for Billy Joel
This was everywhere on the internet this week… and rightfully so! Basically, a college student offered to play backup piano for Billy Joel while he sang "New York State of Mind." Just watch it. It's incredible.

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7. Oh nothing. Just a sloth in cup. (Via Imgur)

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8. The best goodbye to Google Reader
If you're only going to read one Google Reader send-off, read this one. It involves a romantic tryst and a puppy dog. (Via Motherboard)

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9. Being Joe Biden
The White House debuted a new audio series that features Vice President Joe Biden telling stories about various photographs through SoundCloud. Note the Pinterest button, too! You guys are so #social #media savvy. (Via The White House)

10. Cat of the Week (Via Imgur)
"Oh hey. Wake up. Wake up."

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