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The 9 best images, videos, and memes to emerge from the great digital playground — from The Simpsons parody of Breaking Bad to instructions on eating like an animal

1. The Simpsons parodies Breaking Bad
We've seen our fair share of Simpsons couch gags over the years. The latest pays tribute to one of the most memorable Breaking Bad scenes ever. Hey, at least it's not Gus with a box cutter... (Via CBS)

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2. 16 most boopable animal noses
BuzzFeed achieves peak BuzzFeed in this post about an under-appreciated part of animal anatomy. Booooooooop. (Via BuzzFeed).

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3. Cat entranced by own reflection
You know that old Hollywood trick where an actress waves her hand in what she thinks is her reflection, only it's not a reflection at all, it's her long-lost twin named Tia? This is exactly like that. Except with cats. And no twins. (Skip to the 0:44 mark; Via Gawker)

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4. "Accidental Racist," unintentional comedy
We've already made fun of this, but it's worth reposting because it was far and away the most memorable thing on the internet this week. Rembert Browne at Grantland put it best: "This song will have its intended purpose, bringing people together, only if people of all races band together to make fun of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J."

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5. How to eat like an animal
The video starts off innocently enough. "Want to see how animals eat their food?" asks one diner. Then, well... hit play. My favorite is "whale." What's yours? (Via Digg)

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6. File this away: A really good comeback
This week we explored how the internet is making us all into mean jerks. You know who wasn't a mean jerk? Mister Rogers. Use this the next time someone gets sassy with you. (Via Imgur)

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7. K-Mart made a pretty great commercial about pants
Bravo to the ad agency that put this together for K-Mart, which proves true the old advertising maxim: We all have the maturity of 8-year-olds. (Via Jess Hullinger)

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8. This week, in a nutshell

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9. Dog of the Week
High-fives to all of you for sending in lots of great photos this week. But alas, there can only be one winner. Meet our new champ: Bubba the pug. She's very patriotic. (Thanks, Margaret!)

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