The Week in Viral Videos

Ariana Dickey
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The Week in Viral Videos

5. Frozen in 25 Different Languages

What would Disney songs sound like in, say, Bulgarian? For all those who have asked that important question, Frozen’s Elsa belts out “Let It Go” in all the languages in which the film was released. She switches seamlessly from Dutch to Mandarin to French to Canadian French (yea, she’s pretty thorough).

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4. Bill Gates Goes Viral

Despite Jimmy Fallon’s tongue-in-cheek insistence that it’s too hard to make a viral video, the Microsoft magnate believes otherwise. Bump along with Bill to his newest (and possibly only) dance track in this promo video for

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3. Work Out with Ahhhhh-nold

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently went undercover as mustachioed local gym manager “Howard” in Venice, California, harassing unsuspecting clients as they work out. Ten reps of water drinking…go!

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2. Rob Ford, Rudeboy

The Toronto mayor is back at it, this time sporting a Jamaican accent, or at least trying to. Ford charmed patrons at a restaurant with incomprehensible blabber, and then later insisted he’s a “straight-up guy.” Straight-up guy, eh?

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1. Michelle Obama Dunks on LeBron

During the Miami Heat’s visit to the White House to receive congratulations from the president for their 2013 NBA Championship, the First Lady proved that eating your fruits and veggies really can enhance your performance. This also may be the greatest video bomb ever.

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