This Week In Tech: Quarterly Earnings, Streaming Video, And A Twitter Fail

Jen Cohen Crompton
This Week In Tech: Quarterly Earnings, Streaming Video, And A Twitter Fail image Friday Flashback113
This Week In Tech: Quarterly Earnings, Streaming Video, And A Twitter Fail image Friday Flashback113

From unexpected quarterly earnings to more streaming TV competition and a Twitter campaign gone wild, this week in tech brought us some promising news for technology companies and a blunder that reminds us that social media really does give the power to the people.

This is what happened, this week in tech.

1. Facebook Focuses on Mobile; Earnings Report Show Success – Just when you thought Facebook might be disappearing into the depths of used up social networks (mainly because of recent reports stating a decline in usage), they reappear and make a huge statement – they found a way to increase profits and continue to innovate their site. With a higher than expected earnings report, Facebook announced first quarter earnings of $885 million (34 cents per share) on revenue of $2.5 billion and attributed much of this profit increase to mobile use and advertising success on the platform.

A few weeks ago, we saw Facebook forcing users to migrate to their Messenger App to chat via their mobile devices, which is in response to user behavior trends. Many users are straying from laptops and using their mobile devices for just about everything. It seems like this shift into the mobile space (which Facebook shunned a few years back), could be the revenue generator they need to keep the company thriving. Let’s see what the second quarter brings as we move into warmer months and before we hit the “busy” retail season.

2. Apple Rocks Revenue Reports – Millions already own Apple products, but sales reports show that an additional 44 million people updated or joined the Apple revolution in the first quarter. Apple’s first quarter revenue was projected to be $43.5 billion, but they exceeded projections by earning $45.6 billion. While the iPhone revenue continues to rise, Apple’s iPad and iPod revenues are also faring well, but the iPod experienced decrease in sales of 52 percent.

3. Amazon and HBO – The Perfect Pair? – If you enjoy shows such as Girls or Band of Brothers, maybe it’s time to consider Amazon Prime’s Instant Video option since HBO announced they will be selling many rerun shows to Amazon Prime, which will be available for instant viewing.

While HBO was hesitant in the past to sell reruns to Amazon or Netflix, who are considered competitors, HBO and Amazon already have an established relationship – Kindle users are able to use HBO go, and Amazon already sells DVDs of HBO television shows. It seems like this pairing might be the perfect match and this move could even heat up the competition in the streaming video space and boost sales of Amazon’s new streaming device, Amazon Fire TV.

4. #NYPD #FAIL – While we all love a good Twitter campaign, we also know that a hashtag hijack and the inability to control the situation could cause much more headache than what the campaign could be worth. Case in point, the NYPD Twitter fiasco that was supposed to be a friendly-focused campaign and turned into a #FAIL.

This past Tuesday, @NYPDNews kindly asked New Yorkers to tag themselves in photos with NYPD officers using the hashtag #myNYPD. After launching, over 70,000 hashtag responses featured, what was perceived to be, images of NYPD police brutality. I am pretty sure this isn’t what the NYPD social media team was expecting, and the hashtag even trended, replacing #HappyEarthDay in popularity.

Yikes. Be careful what you ask for [via Twitter], because you just might get it [via Twitter].

That’s what happened this week in tech. Did we miss anything?

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