See April’s full ‘pink’ moon

(WJW) – Another spectacular celestial sight will light up the skies this week.

The full “pink” moon rises Tuesday evening, April 23, at 7:49 EDT.

It will appear full for several days, from about Monday morning to Thursday morning, according to NASA.

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The moon won’t look pink. Instead, it will be its usual golden/white color.

So why is it called a pink moon?

According to NASA, the April full moon is known as the pink moon for its connection to spring.

Indigenous names for full moons have been used since the 1930s, according to NASA.

The pink moon is named for creeping phlox, one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.

Other names for the moon include Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon, NASA says.

Northeast Ohio has rain chances that move in Tuesday evening, so Mother Nature may spoil the show.

Weather updates here.

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