The Week’s Best Reads

March 29, 2014
The Week’s Best Reads

The Interpreters We Left Behind Paul Solotaroff, Men’s Journal As our troops pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re abandoning fixers and translators to the dangerous countrymen who view them as traitors. Asylum in the U.S. could be their last hope. If only we’d let them in.

Renewables Aren’t Enough. Clean Coal is the Future. Charles C. Mann, Wired It will be at least a hundred years until we can entirely covert to renewable energy. We have to clean up coal—fast.

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Being Raped in a Bankrupt City Emily Orley, BuzzFeed Wayne County, Mich., the region where Detroit is located, has been riddled with problems for decades. But when a massive backlog of rape kits was discovered, a few mighty voices decided to work on changing the way sexual assault is viewed and how victims are treated.

The Murders at the Lake Michael Hall, Texas Monthly In 1982, a brutal triple murder shook the city of Waco  and became one of the most confounding criminal cases in Texas history—one that still haunts those who have tried to solve it.

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Inside the Barista Class Molly Osberg, The Awl Making coffee in gentrifying Brooklyn isn’t a service job—it’s an elaborate cultural performance.

This Man is the Future of Westboro Caitlin Dickson, The Daily Beast Steve Drain was Fred Phelps’s closest disciple inside Kansas’s rabidly anti-gay Westboro Baptist. But did he orchestrate the excommunication of the church’s late founder?

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