Webtretho Shares Practical Experiences And Knowledge For Families And Children

A Vietnam women's forum helps Vietnamese families learn from other parents' knowledge and experiences about raising healthy children, fashion, beauty, family stories, and other important topics.

HOCHIMINH, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2020 / Raising children and a happy family is not easy. Keeping this in mind, Webtretho, a Vietnam women's forum shares good and practical experiences related to family stories, fashion, beauty and effective tips to care for families and children.

According to a representative of Webtretho, the idea to create the online platform came after observing the needs of young families to know how to care for their babies. The forum consists of nearly 1,00,000 members who share their experience of raising and nurturing happier children.

For example, the platform recently shared information for parents on how to keep their children healthy during the epidemic season. The forum member claims herself to be a mother of two. According to her, after grasping information from radio, doctors, and experts, she came across several effective methods to prevent the spread of epidemics. She recommends other mothers to be very alert during this phase of distress. Mothers must teach their children to wash their hands with soap, wear masks properly, do not visit crowded places, and most importantly, strengthen the baby's resistance. She adds that including probiotics (strawberries, yogurt, oranges, grapefruit, ) and foods rich in nutrients and vitamin C in children's diet can help in improving their body's resistance towards the deadly corona infection. She also advises parents to let their children exercise regularly and play sports, to build their kids' resistance, develop stature, and metabolize energy. She encourages mothers to engage with their kids in physical activities, like swimming, jogging, cycling around the house, playing badminton, football, shuttlecock, and other similar sports with kids. If the children refuse to cooperate, mothers must follow the practice of rewarding them with their favorite food or toy, whenever they exercise or consume a healthy diet. View here

Similarly, parents and individuals from all walks of life use the platform as a medium for sharing their knowledge and experience with others. From the example cited above, it can be inferred that Webtretho is indeed an ally for Vietnamese families to gain information about everything that matters to a responsible parent.

In addition to parenting and good experiences, the forum also shares information about makeup, business, culture, and entertainment.

About The Company
Webtretho is an online platform or Vietnam women's forum that shares practical knowledge and experiences of real-life people with the readers. The shared experiences mainly revolve around caring for families and children, family stories, fashion, beauty, health, culture, makeup, entertainment, business, round tables, etc. The existing members of the forum share their experiences or views on different topics and even welcome new members to join the community for spreading knowledge. The forum also provides a separate FAQ section to help community members know about their accounts, privacy, commenting, etc.

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