Website Will 'Glitter Bomb' Your Enemies for $8

an upset man opening a glitter bomb
an upset man opening a glitter bomb


Glitter: the craft supply you love to hate. Now you can use it to strike shimmery fear into the hearts of your crafty enemies.

Update: Ship Your Enemies Glitter Founder Mat Carpenter Tells How He Sold the Site for $85,000 in a Week

It gets everywhere, is impossible to clean and has a way of showing up on your face, clothes and furniture days, even weeks, after you touched it. Well, recognizes this and is taking it all the way to the bank. 

The Australian site has become a quick viral hit, getting attention from The Verge, Time Magazine, and Cult of Mac.

“We are a real service, we actually do send glitter to your enemies,” company founder Mathew Carpenter tells The Washington Post via e-mail. He claims he’s received more than 800 orders since the sight launched Monday. And he says he’s scrambling to deliver glittery vengeance to his clientele. 

“The house looks like it’s 1975 and Donna Summer has just hit the stage,“ he tells the Post.

artistic messy glitter image
artistic messy glitter image

Photo: Pret a Portabello

For a mere $10AUD (about 8 American dollars), Ship Your Enemies Glitter promises to destroy your nemesis’ day with a big fat envelope of the clingy, messy, sparkly stuff. The site is very basic, but it has all you need. Simply click "Buy Now,” enter the name and address of your victim, and fill out your credit card information.


Photo: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Your foe will receive an envelope filled with micro-fine glitter and a snarky note telling them why they deserve this. Not to worry, your identity is not revealed. The whole process is anonymous, which may help avoid glittery retaliation.

The website is rife with foul language and extreme snark, but at its core, it’s a venture with a great sense of humor. For as the saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but glitter will have me cleaning the floor for weeks." 

If you’re feeling vindictive, head on over to Ship Your Enemies Glitter and see what all the fuss is about. But be warned, all the attention crashed their site briefly.

Maybe they should watch out for envelopes in the mail from irate would-be customers who couldn’t place their orders.

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