Website Generates Absurd Twitter Bios

Brian Anthony Hernandez

We found your time-wasting website for today: Silly Twitter Bios. And just as the name implies, it features really, really weird bios for the fake Twitter account of John Doe.

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Give it a shot. With the click of a button the tool creates gems like these:

  • Feminist, Alcoholic, Social Entrepreneur, Community Celebratoire , Vampire Slayer. Battery low, gotta use my phone strategically now.
  • Compiler, Filmmaker, Powerful Multitasker, Food Afcionado, Mitt Romney's Family Dog. I find uncooked beef patty *very* seductive.
  • Believer, Environmentalist, Happiness Seeker, Travel Junkie, Troll King. I own 25 hoolahoops.
  • Compiler, Gambler, Wine Connoisseur, Gender Activist, Small Solar System. I speak lorem ipsum
  • Performer, Performer, Community Celebratoire , Public Speaker, Wig tester. Fairy tales are full of shit.

Silly Twitter Bios gives you a fun respite from the recent flurry of Twitter news. This month, Twitter rolled out tailored trends, hashtag pages, a redesigned logo and Facebook integration of handles, photos and hashtags.

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