Watch this Canadian water bomber destroy a Newfoundland highway fire

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Water bomber plane Newfoundland Canada
Check out the video below of this Canadian water bomber taking care of business on the Trans-Lab highway.

As Canadians well know, you don't mess around with fires in the middle of summer, in heavily wooded areas. When a truck accident near the tiny town (pop. 650) of Churchill Falls left a smouldering wreckage in the middle of the Trans-Lab highway, Newfoundland officials wasted no time calling in air support. Their fear? That the fire would spread to the surrounding forest, igniting a larger conflagration.

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The video below captures a CL-415 Superscooper water bomber swooping to the rescue. The Canadian-built plane is carrying over 6,000 liters of water and flame retardant, which it drops on the accident. Luckily, the photographer is standing far enough away that he isn't doused with the mixture, which we're betting tastes worst than screech. Unluckily, he terminates the video before we're able to see the aftermath. We can only assume it did the job.

More stats on the CL-415 Superscooper below the video.

Name: Bombardier 415 Superscooper

Former name
: Canadair CL-415 Superscooper

Capacity: 6,140 litres (1,620 U.S. gallons)

Manufactured by: Bombardier Aerospace, North Bay, Ontario

First flight (and delivery): December 1993 (November 1994)

In active service in: Canada (Quebec, 8; Ontario, 9; Newfoundland and Labrador, 4; Manitoba, 4), Croatia, Greece, Italy, France, Malaysia, Morocco, Spain, and the United States.

Number built
: 88

Unit cost
: CAD $32 million

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