Top Gear Killed the Mazda Furai Concept

Jeff Perez

There’s no denying the Mazda Furai will always be one of the most stunning concept racecars ever built. It was fast, it was gorgeous, and it had a 450-hp Wankel engine that ran on ethanol. We say was because it was destroyed in an epic fire in ’08. Well, the folks at Top Gear admit that they accidentally destroyed it!

In honor of Top Gear mag’s 20th anniversary special, set to go on sale sometime this month, the crew fesses up to being partly responsible for the Furai’s fiery exit in 2008 during a few standard road tests.

Mazda Furai 2
Mazda Furai 2

But we can’t fault them entirely. A car like that is meant to be driven, and driven hard. We just hope Mazda has enough chutzpah to come up with something even greater than the Furai down the line. But just don’t let it near any British auto journalists.

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