See The Entire Evolution of BMW M in One Graphic

George Kennedy

It’s amazing how one little letter can mean so much in the automotive world. Take, for instance, the letter M. For a great deal of motoring enthusiasts, it represents one of the most respected and iconic performance brands in all the land. BMW’s M-Motorsport, or M-Technik division has been responsible for some of our favorite cars, such as the M3 and M5. This infographic takes you through 35 years of the division, and crams in a whole heck of a lot of information.

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UK site Carfinance247 was the creator of the infographic, and it features a couple interesting nuggets. Like, did you know more than 300,000 M-badged vehicles have been produced since the first M1 in 1978? Also, almost 100 different BMW vehicles have worn the M-badge in that time. You can check out all the rest of the fun facts below:

BMW M Evolution
BMW M Evolution