How to Plan Her Birthday after Getting Engaged

October 4, 2013
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Women may be very tricky to understand usually. But on occasions where you need to pick a gift for them almost anything done meaningfully can make their hearts skip a beat and tears of joy well up in their enigmatic eyes. So, here are some ideas to make your lady love swoon and fall right in your arms:-
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Make her a romantic movie

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This is not the main gift but an add-on before you give her the main present. Arrange for a movie of your most prized moments captured in pictures or small video bites to be played with a romantic number in the background. You could maybe even ask her to do a slow dance with you as the movie plays. She is going to feel like a princess on her prom and is simply going to spin in love all night long.

Customised Pendants

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If you do not have enough time to arrange for a nice set up leading up to the moment, where you gift her something then ensure you go big on the gift itself. Women love jewellery. And what better than having their fiancé gift them customised pendant that has inscribed on it an 'I love You' or has a picture of you two in it.

Charm Bracelets

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Get her a gold bracelet with meaningful charms specially chosen by you. Wrap it around her wrist and romantically describe what each charm signifies. It will leave her overjoyed to see how much thought was put behind every charm that you picked.

Life-size portrait of her

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Ever seen those spellbinding life size portraits of Maharanis (queens) adorn the walls of their castles? Aren’t they just arresting! Imagine how loved she would feel to see a beautifully done up canvas painting of hers or even just a nice enlarged photo of hers! It could stay with her for now and could add to the beauty of your living room once you both have tied the knot! In fact you could probably get a portrait of one of your nicest moments together.

Couples Spa

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If romantic dinner dates have become a thing with no-frills for you then try a couples spa. Give her the pleasure of being treated like a queen on her birthday whilst not having to forego on spending quality time with you. Both of you can just drown in some amorous talks while your bodies are being relieved of all the fatigue from work or wedding preparations.

Evergreen things to-do

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In addition to doing something special you can always jazz it up with special bouquets, long drives, romantic talks and the like. Expressing feelings may not come easy to our men folks here but birthdays call for making exceptions. Just pour your heart out to your beloved fiancée and tell her how you fell in love with her. Women never get tired of hearing these things!