Lexus RC F Gets Rendered – Should It Look Like This?

Jeff Perez

RIP IS F; 2013 marks the final year of production for Lexus’ wacky yet wonderful V8-powered IS. But what will the replacement look like? Well, we know it should have two doors, it should have a new Lexus face, and hopefully some more power (via a turbocharged 6-cylinder). But will it look like this?

This rendering done up by Japanese website Best Car, takes the front-end cues from the current-gen IS, mixes it with some flare from the GS, and tacks on a fat body with new edges and gaps galore. Essentially, a more aggressive IS coupe.

Lexus RC F
Lexus RC F

While it may not be the real deal (yet), it’s a promising look at the future of Lexus nonetheless. And with some wishful thinking of a manual transmission, BMW’s M4 might have some stiff competition from the East.

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