Land Rover Defender Ending Production After 67 Years

George Kennedy

In America, when we think of the idea off-road vehicle, we think of the Jeep Wrangler. But if you ask someone from across the pond what their go-anywhere, do-anything ride of choice would be, they might tell you the Land Rover Defender. Used as utility vehicle, medical transport, military platform, the Defender is an iconic vehicle known the world over. And this icon’s run is about to officially come to an end.

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According to a report by Automotive Business Review, the Land Rover Defender will be discontinued in 2015, ending a production run of 67 years. Through those decades, the iconic Land Rover soldiered on with little changes, always evolving the rough-and-tumble formula.


Word is that we will see a replacement, though something much lighter and more carbon-emission-friendly. It may or may not base its styling on the DC100 concept (pictured), but the formula that lay beneath its skin will likely point to the Defender replacement.

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The Defender II (if that be its name) will likely not truly live up to the gutsy mechanicals of the current model that we hold so dear. When the Land Rover ends production of the Defender, there will be a full two years of waiting for the replacement, and only in 2017 will we know just how far the Defender II has deviated from the departing icon.