Procrastinaut: James Franco gets punched in the face, a flame-throwing guitar and cops taking selfies

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Bradley Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy, Edward Snowden has been granted asylum by Russia, and should it come to pass that they share a Netflix account, they can now maintain separate profiles. That’s the news, now onto the important stuff: Highlights from the Procrastinaut Tumblr — where @gilbertjasono and I serve up non-stop distraction throughout the week (follow the Tumblr here) — plus a few extra bonus attractions.

Speed It Up: If you just can’t get enough of time-lapse videos, then by all means rush on over to Primelapse, which collects all manner of them – from gorgeous Greek landscape views to celestial imagery from the International Space Station to some random person assembling a trampoline. Via PetaPixel.

Take It Slow: Meanwhile, although I doubt I’d make it through a roast of James Franco, I do appreciate seeing him punched in the face in this beautiful slow-motion ad.

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Hot Licks: What would you call a flamethrowing guitar? You’d call it a FLAMEnco, just like this hacker did.

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FYI: How to depict a walking glass cow? Brief process video explains.

You a cop?: You take selfies? The Cop Selfies Tumblr is for you. Also of interest to anyone who just likes looking at selfies of cops. Some of the images are … arresting. Ah hahahahahahaha.

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Obscene Gesture: A hacker unimpressed with David Cameron’s proposals to limit access to online pornography responds with The Great Firewall of Porn, software that would block any Web site lacking pornography.

Surprising Views: Fascinating “Bodyscapes” by Carl Warner, creating “landscapes from the human form.”

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Incredible Moves: Prosthetic Knowledge serves up a dazzling collection of moving images and videos connecting technology and dance.

Purveyors Of Artisinal Hand Crafting: This “ hipster logo design guide” is accurate. Via BoingBoing.

Another addition to the Googleheimcollection: Every time you refresh this page, you get a new super-color rendition of Google Maps.

Handy: Here’s a GIF guide to critical hand gestures, including The Critical Whirl, The Backhand Slap, and The Tiny Dialectic. Via @WFMU.

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And finally: Skull candles oozes red wax through eye socket as it burns. Your co-workers will notice.

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