Gift tera Valentine da - Love in the time of V-Day gifts

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Gift tera Valentine da
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Gift Tera Valentine DaA sweet and sour love story in a song. A wry boyish take on V-Day's gift-giving culture

If you’ve seen the video, here’s the English translation of the Punjlish song -- that’s Punjabi Dillispeak with a tadka of English.

Gift tera Valentine da (Your Valentine gift)

Tum meri chaabi te main tera chhalla (2)
[You are my key and I'm your key ring]

Chhad ke na ja tu mainu yun kalla
[Don't you just leave me alone and go, I say]

Rorha na pa jaane jana(2)
[Don’t create obstacles in my way]

Phir kade leyaa doonga,
[I'll buy it some other day]

Gift tera Valentine da,
[Your gift for Valentine's day]

~ Chorus and music ~

Nava nava mainu pyar hoya hai,
[My love for you is new new]

isto pehle kade na hoya
[I’ve never been in love before you]

main keya baby...
[I say baby]

nava nava mainu pyar hoya hai (2)
[this is my first time yaaaaar]

kee honde ne custom pyar de,
kee honde ne fashion pyar de,
[I don’t know the customs of love
I don’t know the fashion of love]

Sikh ke aajoonga
[But I swear I’ll learn them for you]

ni jo tu kahegi la doonga
[Whatever you want will be yours too]

Gift tera Valentine da(3)

Excerpts from an interview with Gurpal Singh, who helped Vipin Heero write it and bring the whole music video together. (Here he is shown in a still from the video):

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Gurpal Singh, let me throw a figure at you and you have to guess what it could be for: Rs 2,000-3,000 crore out of a Rs 40,000 crore market.
Gurpal Singh:
Ram Sene anti-Valentine bribe amounts?

Hint - food!
GS: Heart shaped chikkis?

Well fried, sorry, tried! According to some estimates, out of Rs 40,000 crore as a rough estimate of India's eating-out market, Rs 2,000-3,000 crore happens in Valentine week alone.
GS: Wah! The way to the heart is via the stomach and via the wallet! :)

:$2.5 - 2.7 billion is a minimum amount Indians will spend now on dining out and ......? (Fill in the blanks)
GS: Vacations?

: Good guess, but it is directly related to what your song explores?
GS: Dating! Valentine gifts. That’s a huge amount. (Mehngai ka zamaana hai, girlfriend ke liye kamaana hai) We live in expensive times, have to earn or girlfriends will whine!

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Y!: Ouch!
Ishq is indeed a mehnga (expensive) proposition and the height of it comes during Valentine's Day.

Y!: (in local speak) Then londa needs Hero Honda before any romantic gharonda? (Does the loverboy need a Hero Honda before he can romance the girlfriend-a?)
Our Heero is not a conventional hero. He has no Honda, but absence (of a GF) makes the heart grow fonder! Wooing through songs and poetry will come back into vogue one day and metaphorical chaand tare (moon and stars) will mean more than material gifts! Heero Baba ki jai!

Y! Do tell our audience a little more about Vipin Heero's songs? They seem to have a ting-tong quality that is fresh!
He writes cute, funny stuff and sometimes touching stuff. Almost everyone who has heard him privately says that he will be a hit. We went with this song first because of the season.

Y!: Like?
Lyrics of another one of his songs go: ‘O meri jaan, O meri jaan, main hi toh hoo tera Shah Rukh Khan, kya hua jo hai meri chai ki dukaan!’ [O My love, I’m the one, I’m your Shah Rukh Khan, so what if all I am is a tea-shop man!]

Y!: The video talks of the birds and the bees through the teddy and the tees?
GS: Teddies have always been a symbol of the marketing of Valentine's Day. So we decided to use a teddy bear, and since the song says (literal translation): 'You are my key, and I am your keychain,' I decided to use a small teddy keychain as a symbol. Size does matter in this case -- the size of the wallet!). But I don’t think one should read too much into it anyway. It's just there. We all went by gut-feel.'

Y!: So we have heard that this song was actually a collaboration in which everyone contributed for free?
We have an online community called m.a.f.i.a. (Musicians Artists Filmmakers Interesting log... Aajaao!). At a time about 15 to 20 people at a time get together and go somewhere close to nature for three days. What follows is an unstructured and unscheduled learning exchange, in a free space. You can call it creative addabaazi. Many collaborations have emerged from this, a close filial kind of bond. This music video is an outcome of that 'outpouring of love'. Everyone connected to this video has been to one or more such m.a.f.i.a. gatherings sometime and did this for free. Anant Raina and Ankur Kapoor who did the camera. Ankit Mehrotra who edited it. Sweetie Sinha, who is not a professional actress, acted in it. Nihal Parashar, who did the production, myself, and Vipin himself who wrote and thought it up first. Manish J Tipu who produced and arranged the music and many other people of the extended m.a.f.i.a. family participated, by acting, lending their premises, transport etc etc.....and many pooled in money to cover expenses.... so its a truly collaborative effort.

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One of the people who chipped in financially is the well-known filmmaker Sriram Raghavan, who loves Vipin's songs. I showed him the rough cut and his first reaction was: ‘Great, it's a super song and it looks lovely, it will work well. But personally I won’t like it as I am allergic to teddy bears!’ I hope we have not overdone the teddy bit, have we? I really hope many people don't suffer from that allergy, and that it gets a wide audience!

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We’d love to know, what you thought of the song and of the gift-giving culture that peaks around V-Day.

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