Ferrari Switching to Turbocharged Engines in 2016

Jeff Perez

With emission standards closing in, even Ferrari is feeling the pressure to make its cars more efficient. Rumor has it that when 2016 rolls around, the Prancing Horse will be switching back to turbocharged engines even in light of recent success.

Naturally, the turbocharging of its cars will lead to better fuel economy in the long run. Unfortunately, according to Motor Trend it may result in dropping the rev-limiter on some of its high-RPM sportscars.


The first of these engines to get the turbocharged treatment will probably come in the form of a V8 (most likely on the FF pictured here). Soon after, it will follow the V6, found on the yet-unnamed 458 replacement.

While this does pave the way for a few changes given– don’t forget that one of the greatest cars to ever come from Maranello, the F40, carried a 478-hp twin-turbo V8.

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