Ferrari 458 Replacement Might Ditch V8 for Turbo V6

Jeff Perez

In recent history, Ferrari has made it pretty clear that the use of F1 technology is something it most definitely wants to use more on each road car built from here on, originating with the wildly powerful LaFerrari. Now, new reports suggest that the trickle-down effect might seep into the engine bay of the Ferrari 458 replacement via a turbocharged V6.

This news comes at a time where stricter regulations are being put in place, forcing many automakers to step down from larger displacements in favor of something a bit more eco-friendly.

Ferrari Xezri Concept 2
Ferrari Xezri Concept 2

So V6, or not to V6? This is the question Ferrari faces. While there’s no doubt that the current 562-hp found on the 458 will be trumped in the next-generation along with looks (hopefully similar to the Xezri concept pictured here) the jury is still out on whether it will be all natural or of the turbocharged variant.

We’ll just have to wait another five years to find out for sure…

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