Cruz Azul’s Rogelio Chavez scores astounding 50-yard rainbow volley

Cruz Azul beat Quertero 3-1 on Friday to remain undefeated through eight matches and retain their place atop the Liga MX table. Rogelio Chavez equalized for Cruz Azul from the penalty spot in the 36th minute, but it was his goal in the 89th minute that stunned everyone. Probably even Chavez himself.

After taking a throw-in near the halfway line, Chavez's teammate headed the ball right back to him and, without hesitation, Chavez launched a shot/clearance into the sky. When the looping ball came back down from the edge of the atmosphere, it slipped between the goalkeeper and the post to make it 3-1.

Here's how it looked on television:

Since the ball is totally out of frame at its highest point, it seems more like the work of CGI — something you'd see in an attempt at a viral video from a prominent footwear company. But this is real. And from the angle shown in the top video, it's something that belongs in a museum.

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Brooks Peck

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