8 Dogs Breeds Surprisingly Good with Kids

By Grieves, Deidre | Pet 360

If you have children in your family, choosing the right dog to play nice with your little ones is a big decision.

Although some breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Collies are known for their loyalty and affection towards youngsters, there are other dog breeds that are surprisingly good with kids.

Here are eight breeds that will surely be your kid's best friend.

Bull Terrier

Because of their stocky builds and pointed snouts, Bull Terriers often get wrongly stereotyped as aggressive animals. But this breed was actually bred to be a companion animal and is excellent with young ones. Because Bull Terriers have a high threshold for pain, they are well matched with rambunctious children who might be learning not to pull on tails or jump on a dog's back. This breed is also extremely loyal and will be protective of you and your family.

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German Shepherd

Since they are often used as police and military dogs, some adults may not think that this breed will be friendly to tiny tots. However, German Shepherds are highly intelligent and have a very tame temperament. This allows them to easily decipher between adults and children. German Shepherds should be properly introduced with children at a young age and kids should also be taught proper pet etiquette to avoid any possible problems. If you welcome them into your family, German Shepherds will be loyal for life.


Used as guard dogs and hunting dogs in Japan, the Akita was bred to be a large game hunter. But Akitas that are raised and socialized with children from a very young age can be great companion animals. Akitas are faithful dogs with a quiet nature, making them a good fit with children who understand how to behave with animals. Akitas are very protective of their families, so make sure to socialize them properly from a young age and look for warning signs of overprotective behavior during play dates with other children.

Great Dane

Yes, these dogs are behemoth creatures. But just because they are big doesn't mean they can't get along great with kids. These gentle giants make great family pets and generally have a docile, friendly demeanor. Keep in mind that a Great Dane puppy might be overly playful and active with toddlers and babies. If you have small children and a rowdy Great Dane puppy, just make sure to monitor the interactions.


Newfies are strong, towering animals with droopy lips and large jowls. But these awesome dogs are often referred to as "Nature's Babysitter." They are patient, kind and gentle with young ones. These benign beasts are also protective, loyal and very brave. In fact, they've often been known to save people's lives.


These hefty dogs might look like lions, but they are as tame as lambs. Leonbergers are calm, patient and lovable, with a sweet nature. That makes them the perfect partners for families with children. When they receive proper training and socialization, these regal-looking dogs are loyal, playful, and obedient.


The Bulldog might have a bulky build, but he also has a heart of gold and will do anything and everything to make his pet parents crack a smile. Because of their weight and heft, these dogs make good playmates for active tots that like to roughhouse. An even-tempered and family-focused animal, the Bulldog will get along with other pets and people in your household easily.


For a family with active and energetic kids, Brittanys are a great choice. These dogs were bred to hunt, retrieve and point and are known for their brainpower and playful personalities. These dogs are easy to train and sweet natured, but they do require attention and plenty of exercise. A Brittany will love a young boy or girl who will throw a ball and play in the backyard.

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