Aston Martin DB4GT auctioned off for record $4.9M

Jeff Perez
May 23, 2013
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Classic Aston Martins are about as pretty as they come. And in honor of the automaker’s 100th anniversary, Bonhams auction in London recently held a special auction celebrating just such an occasion.

In total, Aston Martin raked in an impressive $15 million in auction sales alone. Even more impressive still that nearly a third of all the money pulled came from one $4.9 million (£3,249,500) Aston Martin DB4GT. That makes it the most expensive Aston sold at auction, ever.

This expensive and handsome DB4GT wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill classic though, nicknamed “the jet,” the DB4 was the last of its kind ever built- a one-off by Italian design firm Bertone.

We hope the old girl is happy in her new home.

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