Artist Creates Paper Lamborghini Police Car

Jeff Perez

We showed you back in January how Seattle-based artist Taras Lesko introduced his trio of stunning paper Paganis. Now, he’s back at it again. This time, with a much larger version of the Aventador Interceptor he finished earlier in the year (which you can see on his website).

“I got an unsettling urge to build another big model,” says Lesko, “The idea was to build a near-life-size replica of my Aventador Interceptor Gundam project.” This being the first time that Lesko’s built a model to such a scale in over two years.

Paper Lamborghini Aventador 2
Paper Lamborghini Aventador 2

The Aventador-based model measures 8′ x 3.8′ x 2.1′ and weighs in at 25 lbs. Cost and materials for the build set him back $1,000- but as Lesko will tell you, “the creative experience was well worth it.” Let’s just hope his next project is full scale.

You can check out the video of his build below:

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