6 Ways to Bring Him Closer to You this Navratri

April 2, 2014
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Navratri is a period of fasting and a time of worshipping various forms of the deity. However, apart from this, these nine days have much more to offer to those who are ready to think beyond the realm of usual things. Well, Navratri can certainly promise to be a lot of fun for you and your man. So, let us tell you why and how you and your sweetheart can come more closer during these nine days of festivity.
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Become his temptation!

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Well, for the uninitiated, the Navratri period essentially means that couples should not indulge in pleasurable bedroom activities. So, it is the perfect opportunity to give your lovemaking the much needed rest. Well, some of you may wonder why? For most couples physical intimacy often becomes a mundane activity. A little abstinence will go a long way in revitalising your love for each other. For all those ladies whose men can’t keep their hands away from them, just think about the fun you are going to experience once you two break your fast!

Time to celebrate the festive season

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The nine days of Navratri are not just about worship and fasting, but celebrations as well. The 'Sharad Navratri' that comes during September-October is followed by Durga Puja, Dussherra and Diwali. Furthermore, these nine days are infused with traditional dance celebrations, like garba and dandiya in different parts of the country. So, go out for some  dandiya raas or Durja puja  pandal hopping in your city. What’s more? You can even throw a Navratri bash at your home, and enjoy this time of festivity with your family and friends.

Time to take care of his health

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Navratri includes a few days of fasting. Though the fasting is optional, its importance should be understood as this will help you to convince your loved one into trying this out. Fasting during Navratri detoxifies your body’s system and helps you lose a few extra pounds. The body gets an extended chance to get rid of the toxins. Thus, you can talk your man into trying fasting during Navratri as a means to bolster his health.

Time to strengthen your bond

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None of the other Hindu festivals include any ritual where couples can keep a fast together. The concept of couples fasting on  Karva Chauth has found some takers, but it is still not endorsed by elders in many families as it is a women-centric ritual. However, fasting together on Navratri guarantees to get a thumbs-up from everybody. In fact, you can turn the fasting into a bit of friendly teasing time to bond with each other. For instance, you could SMS each other photos of the most tempting dishes during the daytime!

Time to take a break from certain habits

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Navratri combines various factors that make it extremely beneficial for your health. It is a time when the use of substances like tobacco and alcohol are forbidden for a stretch of nine days. Think of it as the perfect time to break your man's habit of lighting the cigarette or gulping down pints of beer.

Time to prepare for more festivities

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The period of Navratri is also a gateway to welcome the next season. It is considered to be an aspicious time to prepare for the upcoming festivals. So, you and your man can go out for shopping to buy new things for yourself, your loved ones and your home. Well, surely you will be ready to welcome the festive season feeling fitter and lighter. 

So, with all these tips in mind, we are sure you are already making a list of all those things that you can do with your spouse this coming Navratri celebrations!