Weapons from 1939 spotted in Mariupol, mayor advisor says

A destroyed house in Mariupol
A destroyed house in Mariupol

"The supply of weapons (artillery and anti-aircraft guns) dating back to 1939 has been observed. They are deploying around Mariupol en masse," he wrote.

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Andriushchenko added that given the location of the weapons the occupiers hope to resist Ukrainian attacks with the help of extremely outdated weapons.

He also reported active movement of equipment along the Zaporizhzhia-Polohy-Mariupol highway towards Mariupol in the past day. At least ten tanks (one of them bearing the flag of Kazakhstan) and one large howitzer were spotted.

Also, an active movement of equipment was reported through the city of Mariupol towards the Black Sea coastline towns Manhush and Berdyansk.

The official said the occupiers continue to quarter large numbers of troops in Mariupol, using school facilities for this purpose.

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He believes that the military personnel relocation in Mariupol is complete, with up to 10,000 or 15,000 Russian soldiers now in the city.

Andriushchenko reported several explosions in Mariupol on Feb. 23, while confirming that two Russian fuel depots were blown up earlier.

The same day, the Mariupol administration reported an occupiers' ammunition depot stuck near the sea port of the city.

On Feb. 21, overnight, 12 blasts were heard in the city. Damage to a Russian ammunition depot and personnel barracks was reported.

The head of the Joint Press Center of the Operational Command South, Natalia Humeniuk, claimed that Mariuopl is already within reach of the weapons of the Ukrainian army.

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