Tips to Cut Time at the Ironing Board

We don’t know anyone who likes to spend time at the ironing board! It’s tedious and time consuming and quite frankly, we could think of a million other things we’d rather be doing. Unfortunately, ironing is a must if you want to look your best when heading out the door. While we have yet to come up with a DIY that eliminates the need for ironing entirely, we have come up with a few tips that can get you off the board in half the time. Ironing in less time? Yes, please!

Tips for Ironing in Less Time

Tip 1: Sort Your Clothing

Organize your clothing into like piles. Cottons go with cottons. Linens go with linens. Synthetics with synthetics. Each type of fabric has a different heat setting, which means you’ll have to adjust your iron’s temperature to suit that of your fabric. Start by ironing all the articles of clothing that require the lowest heat setting and then work your way up to the highest heat fabrics. When you start low and move high, you won’t spend time waiting for your iron to heat up, then cool down, then heat up again. Time saver!


Tip 2: Line Your Board with Aluminum

Remove the cover from your ironing board and lay a sheet of aluminum foil across the length of it. Crimp the aluminum down around the edges, and then replace the cover. When you line your ironing board with aluminum foil, the metal will reflect the heat back up through your article of clothing, in essence ironing it from both sides. Twice as much heat equals half the time spent.

Tip 3: Face the Board in the Right Direction

Make sure your ironing board is facing in the direction that is the most convenient for you. If you are right handed, have the pointed end of the board facing to the left, and if you are left handed, have it facing toward the right. This tip will make ironing less physically awkward and more streamlined, which, in turn, will make it faster.

Tip 4: To Starch of Not to Starch


Starching an entire shirt can make it just a little bit too rigid for comfort. We suggest simply starching the collar and the cuffs. These are the areas that will peep out from under your blazer, so you want to make sure they look sharp. The collar of your shirt is also what frames your face, and therefore what people will look at most. Make sure you’re giving a great first impression, without having to starch the whole thing.

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Tip 5: Iron Top to Bottom


Do you sometimes find that ironing takes a lot longer, because your iron is actually creating more creases than it is getting rid of? It’s probably because you’re ironing in the wrong direction. When ironing a shirt, start at the top and work your way down. Collar, shoulders, sleeves, cuffs, body. When ironing in this order, you will be pushing the wrinkles out of the shirt instead of back up into it. The same goes for your pants, skirts and dresses.


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