Bring Nature To Your Front Door

We could all agree that there is an undeniable sense of magic when we find a bird’s nest.  This wreath brings that sense of season’s changing and the comfort of a ‘home’ right to your doorstep.


  • Straw wreath frame

  • Baling Wire

  • Chain

  • Fall Leaves

  • Bird Nest (real or handmade from grape vine )


  • Wire cutters

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hand Saw


  1. Saw your straw wreath in half (or just a bit bigger than half)

  2. Cut a piece of wire (about 3 ) fold in half and twist to give it texture

  3. attach wire to both ends of straw wreath with more pieces of wire

  4. Cut another length of wire and weave it through the piece of chain, letting some of the chain dangle like a tail

  5. Attach the wire the same way as the first twisted wire

  6. Glue on a layer of leaves

  7. Glue on birds nest


You can twist and crimp your wire with the chain to give it your own ‘vintage’ look.

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