WDHN Forecaster Bryan Boggiano Hosts First “Atmospheric Academy Awards”

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In Hollywood , the stars walk the red carpet and nominees anxiously await to find out who will take home the biggest honors at the 96th Academy Awards. In Webb, Alabama, WDHN presented the Oscars, but with a twist.

Weekend Forecaster Bryan Boggiano decided to break down the the week ahead with different categories, presenting the “award” for coolest morning, warmest afternoon, and best beach day.

Equipped with Oscars statuettes, an envelope and a clicker, he reads off the nominees and the winners. Boggiano also discusses the extended range forecast. But, we only go out seven days.

Seventy days is the new Adele Dazeem!

On a more serious note, Boggiano elaborates on the continuing flood threat in Southeast Alabama, where river flooding potential is highest, and when waters will start to recede.

Here’s to hoping the awards show gets a second year!

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